Project Scoping


The anticipated project life cycle (divided into four phases) and the detail professional services to be provided by NDIDALI Quantity Surveyors for any project could be as follows:


During this phase the viability and Concept design of the project will be established, monitored and completed, which will include the following:

  • Attend briefing
  • Establish need
  • Concept design
  • Fix documentation programme
  • Preliminary economic viability analysis
  • Establish budget
  • Approval


During this phase all pre-contract administration will be performed by NDIDALI Quantity Surveyors which will include the following:

  • Preparation of the detailed estimate as basis for budget
  • Check all design steps in accordance with budget
  • Preparation of Final / Provisional Bills of Quantities (Bid – packages)
  • Pre-qualification of bidders and preparation of bidders’ list
  • Recommendation of bid-package (Tender list)
  • Project out to tender
  • Quantity Surveyor’s priced Bill and comparison with budget
  • Opening of Tenders
  • Tender evaluation report and comparison with budget
  • Negotiations with contractor if necessary
  • Appointment of Contractor
  • Contractor on site


During this phase all contract administration will be performed by NDIDALI Quantity Surveyors and will include the following:

  • Re-measurement of Project as built / Measurement of Variation Orders
  • Valuation certificates for payment
  • Costs reports
  • Checking of technical and materials, proposed by the General Contractor
  • Site inspections during construction period and the collecting of quality tests
  • Estimating of project changes to report on change in cost
  • Attending of all design and construction meetings
  • Dispute Resolution during construction phase


This phase takes place during the latter part of the contract up to a point approximately three months after completion of the contract. Final contract administration will be performed which includes:

  • The settlement of Final Account with all contractors involved
  • The completion of all outstanding details to perform a reconciliation with budget
  • Measurement and Account settlement of Tenants installations
  • Dispute resolution after construction phase if necessary

It must be noted that the work to be performed by NDIDALI Quantity Surveyors project team will in all instances be done in close liaison with the Client Manager team involved on the project.